Meet Publii, A static that is new cms GUI to create an extremelysafe, fast and fashionable HTML internet site.

Publii is a tool that is static-website-building every ability, from novice to designer.

Create websites that are beautiful

Perfect HTML CMS for blog sites, portfolios and business sites. Publii enables to you personally build, change and handle an limitless wide range of internet sites through the app that is same instant switching; no databases or any other qualifications to consider. No coding or HTML needed.

Get a safer internet site than many other CMSs

Publii internet sites are near-impenetrable and ultra-fast to hackers; the software works locally you don’t need to be worried about security updates or manage databases.

Made for speed

Publii is made for rate; you are able to craft a fashionable site that is modern will run faster than greased lightning even on mobile because of Bing AMP technology.

Work from anywhere, with everybody

It really is a desktop app, to help you handle your internet sites anywhere. Continue reading