In this task pupils is supposed to be introduced towards the period of time where the very first writing developed, while the major occasions which coincided with this specific development in ancient Mesopotamia.

Task 2. Mesopotamia Timeline

The Nationwide Geographic

includes pictures, maps, and timelines highly relevant to the beginning of this task.

Circulate the Timeline: Mesopotamia 4000-1000 BCE task that is available being a PDF because of this concept, you can also repeat this being an activity that is online. Remember that the schedule covers a period that is extended only a few of which is covered at length in this course. This task can give pupils that have not had readings in regards to the history of the center East, and especially about Mesopotamia, the chance to gain some contextual comprehension of the growth of cuneiform writing. This exercise will remind them of some of the major events in the history of the area for students who have had the opportunity to learn about Mesopotamia.

Distribute the Timeline Labels handout, which will be available as a PDF with this tutorial. If practical you might desire to project the schedule onto a display or redraw the schedule from the board.

Being a class, look over labels. Which do students hypothesize would seem earlier/later in the schedule?

Divide the course into tiny categories of 3 or 4 and designate each team one of several labels. Pupils can scan through the 2 summaries of key events in Mesopotamian history that are offered regarding the EDSITEment internet resource Metropolitan Museum of Art:

These timelines of key occasions can be utilized by pupils to ascertain where each label should really be put and also to suggest whenever specific innovations became essential.

Note: Cuneiform proceeded to be used in Mesopotamia well in to the very first millennium BCE, nevertheless, as this concept is centering on the first growth of the writing system the schedule in this task will end before cuneiform writing ceased to be utilized. Continue reading